Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Previous Post Update #2

I've been making some claims and promises here to accomplish a few things. Time to honour accountability.

For my word for 2012, I chose Commit.

Go here for a list of the things I wanted to commit to.

And this is my progress on:  Practice.

I must say that I have been more dedicated to practising my guitar than ever before. Perhaps it's due to the fact that I received as a Christmas gift from my fabulous Fishguy, a beautiful new guitar.

That and well, I've actually been following through on my decision to Commit to Practice!

I am singing just about as much as always (in the shower, doing dishes, while practising guitar, in the car, hanging the laundry when I am at work...) and would like to take more voice lessons or join a singing ensemble.

However, my financial situation is preventing me from doing any such thing that costs money. I need to look into some alternatives. Or get a full-time job (sigh!).

Yoga, well, I just haven't been putting very much effort into this commitment, I must admit.
I mean I have been doing some yoga, here and there. 
I even taught a couple of workshops for kids in Feb and March. 
And sometimes in the evening when I'm puttering about the house, I just drop into a pose when the urge strikes me, depending on what feels tight and needs stretching.
But as far as a regular “practice” goes,
I think perhaps I need to try to start small, just 5-10 minutes in the morning.

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Janssen said...

I love the idea of focusing on Commitment. I've seen a lot of these one-word goals, but I think your word is the best I've seen!