Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Completing a list of Seven Things!!

Today, Jamie asks, "What do you wish to complete"?
All anyone need do in order to know what I wish to complete is to read the past few WishCasting posts (which is easy to do as they seem to be the only ones I am making these days!!).

I swear that Jamie is asking these questions directly to me to urge me on into completing my music cd for children and that of course is my main wish.

However, as most of us do, I also have a list of unfinished projects to complete; scrapbooks, letters to friends, stories and songs that I am writing.

And today I get to combine two posts into one because quite a while back now, the sweet and witty Kavindra was oh so very kind as to point her readers in my direction… and I’ve neglected to provide them with any new content! (Aside from wish casting).

I do move slowly on most fronts… in a thoughtful, purposeful manner… yeah, that’s it!

Anywho, I love lists (pick a post, any post, you’ve likely about a 50% chance of finding a list!!) and so, I present the MeMe which means I will share 7 tidbits about myself:

  1. I met my Fishguy when I was all of eighteen years old. It was more or less love at first sight for both of us (well, for him it was more like lust at first sight, he was a 19 year old boy, after all) but we didn’t actually end up really getting together until 10 years later. The rest is history.

  2. The fishguy and I created an absolutely darling little elf of a girl who I refer to as SugarPlum (Fishguy calls her Monkereeno). She turned 8 this summer and she is an absolute delight to be around… unless she is grumpy (then Fishguy calls her “Gus” which makes her even more grumpy!)

  3. I went bungee jumping once! Was dipped head first into the Ottawa River. My adrenaline was pumping for days afterwards!

  4. I sang at an open mic night a few times with a friend of mine. We got together once or twice a week and practiced a few songs with our guitars. The first night was fun, but we weren’t really that good. We practiced more and did it again a month later. At the end of our set I sang a cappella, a song that I wrote. The whole place became so quiet that you could have heard a pin drop while I was singing (it was a noisy pub). I had an adrenaline rush (highly comparable to the bungee jumping high) for days afterwards!

  5. I love the smell of the woods. Yep. Pine and cedar, my favourite smells. Better than coffee. And if Fishguy has been out walking in the woods or even chopping wood and then gives me a hug… best aphrodisiac ever!

  6. I love hanging clothes out on the line first thing in the morning … gives me a really peaceful, calm, this is where I belong, happy feeling… plus the birds are just about going crazy with song.

  7. I finally painted my studio!!! Yes it is done! Well, more or less, there are still a few touches I’d like to add here and there (new lamp shade, new throw pillow cases etc.) And I even printed a digitalized version of my very own painting for one of the walls! It is the pic in this post.

Now, the passing along of recognition. As Kavindra has done I will simply guide my readers to seven of the great blogs that I enjoy as often as I can!!