Friday, August 21, 2009

WishCasting, Friday

Jamie over at Jamie Ridler Studios asks: Who is the "you" you wish to be?

Well to start off with I wish that I was the type of person who actually gets things done in a timely fashion! It is Friday and Wish-Casting is a Wednesday event! This is my first time participating in a WishCasting Wednesday, although I have been following a long from time to time. New things often take me a little time to get my head around and so I really am being a bit facetious. I accept this about myself. I'm sure that others (like my boss) wish that I was able to get things done in a timely fashion, but this wishing is about me not them, so there!

I also shouldn’t go reading a bunch of other responses before forming my own because then I find myself simply agreeing with those responses saying “yes, that’s who I want to be too!!”

Well here is a brief list encapsulating the me I’d like to be. The me I’d like to be is:

  • More decisive, less confused, more confident and clear, less wishy-washy
  • More efficient at ‘getting things done’ (especially in matters regarding living my bliss)
  • Less apt to give a hoot about what others may think of me
  • Able to get past all my stuck chicks who measure my worth with values of ‘less’ and ‘more’, ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ and simply accept myself and trust that within the layers of stuck chicks, my true essence is trying hard to shine through and realize the BlissChick's wish...
  • To be my True Self (I think I’ve seen her around her somewhere… she’s usually singing her heart out or scratching out a tune!) She has a captivating and contagious energy.

And now, on with the rest of my day in which the me I wish to be is off to take the neighbours children to their swimming lessons and enjoy a beach party (in the pouring rain?).

Have a good day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, I did it! It may be hard to tell from this photo, but my hair is now chocolate with violet streaks. The stylist also straighten it, I am usually curly (and will be again soon) but I like the straight look now and then, just too much work for me personally.
I am pretty happy with it. It is my reward for 100 days of yoga.
My daughter took this picture yesterday at the River, which is where I have been much of the summer... it's why I haven't been posting much. Be back soon!