Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Wish for Wings

Every Wenesday, Jamie Ridler asks, What do you wish? This week her query was "What do you wish to reclaim?"

Well, "I want to know where my confidence went, one day it all disappeared." a line from the Blue Rodeo song, Till I Am Myself Again, describes how often I feel these days.

And so today (a day late as I often am!), the thing that I wish to reclaim, is my confidence.

My confidence to get a good job.
My confidence to practice my passion of music.
My confidence in my ability and talent and overall worthiness of being!

It's certainly not my favourite Blue Rodeo song, Ill post some of those later.

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Word for 2012

I have some work to do in achieving a few dreams of mine.
The word for the year needs to be inspiring though.
Not something dreaded.
And so I choose Commit.
A much friendlier word indeed.

I will commit to:
~ happiness and being the best me I can be!
~practice!!! (guitar, voice and yoga)
~getting things done (projects I've started or have been intending to start)
~eating healthier and menu planning
~stengthening and maintaining relationships
~doing the "work" neccesary to achieve the above desired goals.

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Beginning

Ok, so it's been almost 2 years since I abandoned this blog.
Well, I think it's time to rekindle an old flame and get right back up on the nearly dead horse and see how many more cliches I can bash up in the process!

The idea is, not to overthink it, I've decided. So rather than agonize over my content and grammar and spend all kinds of time rewriting and reworking, I'm just going to journal, more or less.

And add photos.

And simply express my creativity.

Perhaps join a group or two (I have been doing my morning pages for 4 days straight now!)

I'm feeling a wee bit giddy and excited! Yippee!