Friday, September 4, 2009

Adjusting My Focus and 31 Things I Enjoy

In my last post, I talked about the fact that I have no problem with beginning projects…it’s the completion that tends to challenge me.

Part of the reason for this is a lack of focus. I often lack focus because I am interested in so many different creative pursuits and I want to do them all. Right. Now. And so, I have come to recognize that I need to proceed with a bit of caution when my attention is grabbed by every shiny, sparkling, creative opportunity that comes along and say "Whoa! Wait a minute. Is this truly something I can afford to spend my energy on?"

Other wise I get spread too thin and quite frankly, I prefer a more concentrated me. Less water, more juice! Except when it comes to drinking habits, then I’m all for more water, less juice… (See what I mean? My focus, she wanders off….)

Which brings me to my point (you just knew it had to be coming).
The Artist’s Way (TAW)… I had intended to join a group of Bloggers that began to work through TAW a few weeks ago. Go here to read all about it.

I have a great love of Julie Cameron's Artist's Way and have worked through the book before, but have never completed it, (although I did write about it here) which is why I thought that joining this group would be a great activity for me.

As much as I love the idea of doing this, it is one of those items which I just can’t afford to place my focus upon, just now. There simply isn’t room between my yoga and musical practices (which take priority) to follow the daily requirements of morning pages and find the time to do and then blog about the weekly assignments.

All that being said, I am totally cheerleading for those bloggers who are working through TWA . My BB (blogger buddy) Kavindra quite wittily writes about her aversions to TAW here. So creative, talented and funny this lady is, check her out!

Another extremely creative blogger, Serena Lewis has a lovely post and she is managing to follow and do her homework too. In fact, her post inspired me to (although I am not committing to follow along weekly) at least make a list or two. Because, well I just enjoy making lists so darn much.

So, randomly and in no particular order here is my list of 20 things that I enjoy!

  1. Snuggling with my Fishguy
  2. Cuddling with my Sugar Plum little girl (who just turned 8 years old)
  3. Eating fresh ripe peaches yummy!
  4. Singing
  5. Playing my guitar
  6. Getting together with loved ones around a campfire to sing and play guitars
  7. Swimming in da River
  8. Being naked… outdoors
  9. When I am struck with the inspiration to write a new song
  10. Dancing around the house
  11. Going dancing at a night club with some girlfriends
  12. Painting with watercolours
  13. Having hot and steamy sex (I never see this on anyone’s list. Is it TMI?)
  14. Facilitating yoga classes
  15. Puttering around the house in the evening while listening to music and having a glass of red, just rearranging and organizing shelves or books or countertops etc. just to make things pretty and homey, without any urgency or schedule restricting me
  16. Going out for sushi
  17. Getting together with old friends I haven’t seen in ages and staying up way too late talking
  18. Being at the river
  19. Stroking a cat on my lap
  20. Reading with my girl
  21. Blogging!

    Okay, so that’s 21, but I could not very well leave out blogging, on my blog! I just wrote this list and out of curiosity, I decided to dig out my notes from about 18 months ago and compare the two. So, here is my old list.
  • 1. Sleeping in, a day in bed
  • 2. Singing
  • 3. Songwriting
  • 4. Going out for dinner
  • 5. Going out for sushi
  • 6. Getting together with friends
  • 7. Swimming
  • 8. Dancing
  • 9. Going to see a live band
  • 10. Playing guitar
  • 11. Painting
  • 12. Working with clay
  • 13. Drumming
  • 14. Cooking
  • 15. Scrapbooking
  • 16. Yoga
  • 17. Browsing bookstores and libraries
  • 18. Browsing downtowns
  • 19. Making love
  • 20. Writing stories

I found ten common things on the two lists, so I think it's pretty obvious what I enjoy the most!! What things do you enjoy doing?


gma said...

Alot of similarities in both lists. Hope you go out and dance under the full moon!

Lisa said...

Less water, more Karmacoy. I love it!

Very smart to think through how to use your energy wisely. I have much trouble doing that ...

It's interesting to see the overlap in lists from different times. Like a map of your life, where you have been, and what is consistent, or what has stood out at different times. I love coming across old lists like this I have made.

Meredith said...

I think it's very wise of you to know where you want to spend your energy. (Of course, I'll miss you in the group. But glad I found your blog.)

Amazing how those lists echo one another. You definitely give yourself clear guidance!

Eco Yogini said...

i think this is a fantastic idea! so cool that your lists overlap :)

I adore the idea of a karma class at your daycare!!! so much fun. :)


(ps- yay Canada!)

karmacoy said...

Gemma~ oh boo! I missed dancing under the full moon...great thing to do though!!

Kavindra~ yes, I have much trouble doing it too... I think about it and have great intentions but my actions, well, they don't always follow my smart intentions!

Meredith~ I hope to still follow the group and may pop into the discussion now and then.

Eco Yogini ~ Thank you, fellow Canadian Yogini! Halifax Rocks...or so I've heard, unfortunately I've never had the pleasure of finding out!

Tery Lynne said...

Great list!

Serena Lewis said...

I'm so happy to hear that I inspired you....what a fabulous list!