Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where Has All My Colour Gone?

The capacity to change font style, size and colour has disappeared from the toolbar in my posting page. You know along the top, the bold and italics icons are still there along with the insert link, spell check, add image and video icons.... But the font choices are.... just gone!!!

I was just starting to like playing with the colour!

On the Blogger help page I sought answers. It was suggested to another blogger who seems to be having the same problem, that a recent updating of Internet Explorer 8 may have caused some incompatibility issues, but no solutions were offered.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get my font control back??


Anonymous said...

Ohhh...STOP using InternetExplorer. Yuck.

Download and use Firefox. Better security and none of this incompatibility crap. :)

Anonymous said...

I just figured out your problem.

When you are in the "edit" mode, where you have the "blank sheet," so to speak, at the top right there are two tabs: Edit HTML and Compose.

You are opening in Edit HTML. Hit Compose and I bet all your stuff will be back! :)