Saturday, May 9, 2009

I’m Downright Giddy!!

In case you haven’t already guessed, Christine is my new Best Friend!! And if by some miracle you have happened here by accident and do not already know who she is, you absolutely must check out her fantabulous blog, BlissChick; a deep well of inspiring wisdom.

Christine has been “Paying It Forward” by passing on blog recognition and leaving a trail of giddy newbie bloggers in her wake! I am very grateful and honoured to be counted as one of them.

And what a great idea it is too! Kinda makes me wanna….. Pay it Forward.

And so without further ado….I would like to make mention of some of the blogs I like to frequent when I am quenching my thirst for wisdom, laughter and inspiration.

The Zen In You
Yogadiva’s Divine Life
12 Pairs
Everyday Reading
It’s Not All Mary Poppins
warm chords
Serena Lewis

These bloggers are not new, but well worth recognition and checking out!


Anonymous said...

I am honored, thank you!

Janssen said...

Thank you so much! What a nice compliment!

karmacoy said...

You are both so welcome!

warm chords- I love your personal journal style writing. Plus, the song lyrics are awesome.

Janssen- Love the lists and recipes and what an avid YA reader you are. I am just (re)discovering my love of YA novels, but I'm more into picture books (I teach preschool)

I have loved reading your blogs for so long and hope that you enjoy mine!

Leslie said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I appreciate it!


MaryP said...

Thank you! It's always nice to know what I do is of value to someone else.

karmacoy said...

Yogadiva- You're more than welcome!
Looking forward to your June sun salutation challenge!

Mary - I'm glad you stopped by. It's nice to be supported by a fellow child care provider!

Thank you both for being an ispiration and for leaving comments!

D said...

Thank you for this much needed pick me up today. I am honored that you mentioned me in your list.

I love your list of children's stories and look forward to reading the ones that I don't recognize.

Here's to spreading the giddiness.

Thanks again.

karmacoy said...

D - Thanks for dropping by. I love reading your blog and hearing about the adorable things your son does and says.

Have fun with the books!