Friday, March 23, 2012

Menu for March 19 -25.

Gah! It's Friday and I neglected to post my menu for this week. Well, I can tell you that last week's menu was followed, more or less, with just a little bumping and substitution here and there.
My girl had a friend over on Thursday night, so we picked up pizza for dinner.
I knew this was going down so opted to have the beef stir fry the day before, instead of going out for dinner.

Sunday's dinner was one of my very favourites to have during the summer months.
It's only March, but the weather has been so wonderfully warm, it felt like a little celebration was in order and so we had the Grilled Chicken Salad pictured here.

It was alright, but nothing like in the summer when all of the vegetables are in season and local! (Well, maybe except for the avocado).

This Week's Menu:

Monday~ Burgers and Fries (we didn't end up eating out last week, so Fish Guy brought home Whimpy's!)

Tuesday~ Black Bean, TVP and Rice Burritos; Sweet Potato Fries

Wednesday~ South-West Baked Bean Soup, Chicken and Pork Fried Rice, Lemon Parmesan Brussels Sprouts

Thursday~ Shepherds Pie with a Greek Salad

Friday~ Creamy Garlic Chicken Spaghetti with Broccoli and Parsnips, Large Caesar Salad

Saturday~ BBQ Ribs, Brown Rice with Kale and Grilled Veggie Kabobs (peppers, mush, onion and zucchini)

Sunday~ I still don't know yet!!

The South-West Baked Bean soup is a recipe I picked up at work.  It's super easy and fast, but kinda bland and boring as is. I sauteed onions and celery to begin with before adding all the other ingredients and I also added some Frank's Red Hot Pepper sauce in place of the cayenne. It was prety good!

Now I have to start thinking about the menu for the coming week. 
Can hardly wait for the local asparagus to be available.  The way the weather has been, I have a feelng I won't have to wait too long!

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