Monday, February 6, 2012

Be Mine, Valentine!

It is our tradition every year to make homemade Valentines for my daughter's classmates. Ever year since junior kindergarten (2006), we pull out the red and pink posterboard or card stock, stickers, heart templates, glitter and glue and craft away! And this year will be no different.
However, this time around we have got an early start (rather than scrambling the night before to finish them up!). We have actually been working on them for almost a week already. Some of them are ready to mail, tomorrow to friends in our old hometown (a nice way to keep in touch).

And this is my first ever share with the group from over at Creative Every Day. And yes, these are my daughter's creations but I will be helping her to finish up tonight and that is when I will be creating the Valentines to send to MY friends.

the organized work station

the finished products
the messy supply station.

Stay tuned for those results of me being "creative every day"!!

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