Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Following My Heart

I'm really working on establishing those routines and schedules and I'm flying high today!

You know what I mean? Some days are high, zooming right along, energy and motivation are good.

Some days are low, sluggish, stalled, energy and motivation are more or less calling in sick.

I find these first couple months of the year tend to play host to those “low” days more frequently.
And such has been the case for me of late.

But not today.

Today, I have a renewed energy and sense of purpose. And the reason is twofold; singing and yoga.

I had recently been undecided about two things.
a) Whether or not to join an women's A cappella singing group called Bella Anima (beautiful souls) and
b) whether or not to take a short break from teaching one of my yoga classes to take a yoga class for myself.

Well, I decided to listen to my heart (and ignore my bank account's nasty glare) and DO BOTH!!!

I checked out the singing ensemble last week and decided to join.
I went to my first yoga class last night and I have been feeling so good today.

One other thing.
Yesterday day Jamie Ridler asked “What would today be like if you took 10 minutes to doodle” . Well, today's photo is the result of my doodling that I actually did on the weekend.
I'm planning on making cards out of it.

So how is your energy today?
High or low?

1 comment:

Serena Lewis said...

Good for you! It's important to listen to our heart. Your doodle is lovely and would make a great background ~ :)