Saturday, January 23, 2010

Resist Not Your Routines!

Thursday morning, 9:47 and I have set my timer for 55 minutes to sit and do some writing and list making, planning my schedule for the next week or so.

One of my main obstacles is a lack of structure in my day.
I need routine.

I strive for routine.
And yet, I avoid it.

Oh, I do follow somewhat of a routine. I have a school aged daughter after all, so I get up everyday to get her off to school. It's what I do with time before she gets home from school that's the problem.

The days that I go to work, I am just so much more productive and I have more energy and efficiency. I know that this is due in part to the routine of getting up at a set time, showering, doing my yoga, preparing the lunches, EATING, then getting out the door and off to a job which is highly dependant upon routine.

(One of the things I often neglect to do on my days at home is EAT in the morning. When I am going out to work, I MUST eat or I am drained by 10 a.m).

I often resist that which I know I need with all sorts of excuses.
“I want to be free and spontaneous”.
“I will just do things in the order that they need to be done each day”
“I'm my own boss, I don't want a schedule”
“People will think I'm anal”.

Well, Carl Jung said “What we resist, persists”
I find this to be true, I have resisted setting myself a schedule and it just keeps coming back to haunt me. So after a year and a half of working part-time, I am finally making myself a schedule (solid,yet flexible) for writing , blog posting and playing guitar as well as for meal planning and housework.
I need to have a tidy space to work in, so why not build that strategically into my schedule.

Yay!! I'm so excited about this.
And now I have a new blog post too!
Excuse me, but I now have a date with my day-timer!!


Serena Lewis said...

Good for you! I tend to like a routine too although I rarely ever stick to it because my life is full of distractions. I am currently trying to play with something creative for at least 15 minutes a day and, hopefully, it will form a more persistant habit in my life. :)

Vikki said...

Ah yes, I know... it's hard to imagine that scheduling our creativity is fun or freeing... but somehow it is. Somehow, cause we get the other things done (eat, shower, laundry) the remaining time is ours to play in.

Recess was always scheduled, wasn't it? LOL