Thursday, December 10, 2009

The New Year Approaches

Oh my… the time sure flies by in December, does it not?

For instance, I cannot believe that it was almost one week ago that I had the distinct honour of being a guest blogger over at BlissChick.
Colour me giddy-schoolgirl-excited!
Go here to check out the article I wrote on overcoming obstacles to bliss.

I cannot believe how swiftly this entire year has gone by. Looking at my day timer,it seems like just yesterday I opened it’s fresh new pages and began to fill up the virgin months with appointments, work schedules, choir practices and concert dates. Now it’s nearing the end pages and the time has come to shop for Day-Timer 2010! Incidentally, I still use a book, not a blackberry or other pda… had one once, but I LOVE my day timer books that require actual handwriting.

I have a bit of a fascination with new day-timers. First there is the ritual of going shopping for the new one. This is something that I usually do during my Christmas shopping trip to Chapters. Which in fact, I was scheduled to do today, but my daughter’s bus was cancelled and it’s the second snow day in a row… but whatever, I’ll go tomorrow.

I have no great loyalty when it comes to the brand of day-timer I prefer. Having said that, however, the past three years I have used and loved The Women’s Daybook put out by Sumach Press. I will likely go for it again, although I have also been considering Sandra Boynton’s Mom’s Family Desk Planner. I perused it when I was at Chapters a few weeks ago and what appealed to me was the blank pages with the heading “Notes for my Novel”. There are also pages with blank sheet music with a heading along the lines of “Music for my Opera “ or something like that. The book also has weekly grocery list pages built in that you can tear out.

The best part about my ‘New Day-Timer Ritual” is the time I spend planning the year to come. During that week between Christmas and New Year’s… that is my when I am in day-timer heaven. Usually late in the afternoon, curled up by the fire or early in the morning with a cup of tea and nowhere to go (and everyone else still sleeping), I'll open it up and do a little dreaming, a little planning, a little recording of loved ones birthdays and important dates. The New Year lies ahead all fresh and clean and empty, much like the book.

And I get to fill it up with whatever dreams my heart desires.


Serena Lewis said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

I usually buy the A4 desk size day-timers but found I would always forget about them from March on. For 2010, I bought the smaller A5 size which is perfect for carrying with me at all times. There is no way I will forget to make notes this time around. :)

Janice Lynne Lundy said...

I wish you hours of joy with your new planner, journals, whatever allows your heart to find a place upon the page. I loved your post at Bliss Chick by the way. Such transparency and such wise suggestions to us to keep accessing our bliss. And thanks for joining the 28-Day Meditation Challenge at my blog. I am so looking forward to this! Blessings to you...

karmacoy said...

Serena~ Thank you for the Christmas wishes, on Christmas day even!!

Jan~ I am loving my new planner and my journal AND my new laptop!!
Christmas gift from my man! Glad you enjoyedmy post at Bliss Chick!
I slept in this morning and have been online, now it's time to get to the meditation mat!