Sunday, May 3, 2009

A List of Bliss

Thinking back over the past week, I am quite amazed at the many, many moments of bliss that I was fortunate enough to experience. I am very thankful to Blisschick for prompting me to stop long enough to contemplate it, through her enCouraging Bliss weekly challenge to:

"Think back over your last week. Where, what, when, and how did you find moments of bliss? Were there times or activities during which you felt completely on this path of bliss? "

I found that the moments that were most blissful were not necessarily due to specific events or activities (although they were great too!) but rather the underlying sense of Oneness that I felt while engaged in them. Oneness with nature. Oneness with loved ones. Oneness with music. Oneness with creativity. Oneness with Beauty and the Divine.

And here’s my list:

  • Facilitating a very nice new yoga class on Friday mornings and sharing a few laughs and a cup of tea after class with the participants.
  • I arranged an S.O.S (swap of services). In other words, I bartered yoga lessons for a lovely pedicure (dark purple polish!). Now I have fancy looking feet for my new yoga class.
  • Going to see one of my favourite singer/songwriters in concert with my sweetheart, the Fishguy.
  • Facilitating a Yoga workshop at a Child Care Conference and feeling so good about how well it went.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the inspirational keynote address at the conference as well (fodder for future post!).
  • Reading with my daughter
  • Daily yoga practice!!
  • The cat coming to rest on my chest while I was in Savasana
  • Feeling like a part of my community through yoga
  • Listening to the almost deafening ringing of theSpring Peepers behind our house in the evenings
  • A lovely glass (or two!) of red wine on Saturday evening with Fishguy.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful list, of course! :)

And an excellent point about the bliss coming from the underlying feelings and not the activity itself. :)

Emma said...

Yoga, a cat, peepers...

What a great list! :)